What is a Legal Resolution?

A Consent Agreement between spouses, or a Judge’s Decision.

If you are separating from your spouse, a legal resolution of your entitlements and obligations can be obtained in one of two ways, either by negotiating a private contract with your spouse, or by a Judge making a decision about your situation. A contract negotiated between you and your spouse is called a Separation Agreement. It contains agreed upon terms dealing with your children, support, and property. Once signed and witnessed, the Separation Agreement is a legally binding, enforceable contract. The Separation Agreement will only contain agreed upon terms. Judge’s decisions are for spouses who cannot agree with each other, and are only obtained after a lengthy court procedure. These decisions are called Orders and they are legally binding and enforceable.

How Do you Get to a Legal Resolution?

Although there are only two ways to obtain a legal resolution, there are a variety of legal process options available to obtain your legal resolution. To find out, click on Process Options.

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